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About One Finger Guitar Magic

My Background

After all my years of playing guitar and seeing so many people give it up because it was difficult, I decided to create a method that I believe will allow anyone to play guitar fast and easy

Sharing My Passion

I showed this to a friend and his first coment was, "This is amazing." He could not believe how fast and easy it is to play this new way.

My Video Classes

I offer a 30 minute DVD that will teach you 10 songs using the fast and easy one finger method allowing you to play guitar in no time, and no sheet music is required.


It is amazing and a sure way to learn to play Songs on the Guitar right away.

Carlos from Houston, Texas

It is so easy to learn. I could play a Song in just 2 Lessons

Kaitlyn from Florida

You learn to play the guitar right away with this method, you don't have to wait six months to be playing.

Cindy from West Virginia

I have been teaching guitar for 40 Years, it is a easy and amazing method to learn songs this way. Check it out it will rock your world.

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